Pontoon Boats

Peak Season Rates for Pontoon Boat Rentals

  • Full day rates starting at $425
  • Half day rates starting at $275
  • Black out Dates Apply

Off Season Rates for Pontoon Boat Rentals

  • Full Day: $300
  • Half Day: $200
  • Black Out Dates Apply

Service Personnel Discount

Military, Law Enforcement, and Teachers all receive 10% discount on their pontoon boat rentals. Thank you for your dedication!

* Prices include fuel. Add 6% sales tax. Prices are subject to change.


Our expert staff at Xtreme H2O Watersports, Fort Walton Beach studied various pontoon boat designs so that our rentals would be the best along the Destin Gulf Coast. Fast and flashy usually capture our attention, but when we really got down to it, visitors are looking for an easy to drive, cost efficient pontoon boat like our 2019 and 2020 Harris’ and Avalons, 60 HP, 24 ft pontoon boats.

Pontoon Boat Rentals Seating Capacity & Features

Get up to 12 friends or family members together for a day on the Choctwhatchee Bay! Our 24 foot 2019 and 2020 Harris and Avalin pontoon boats are spacious, comfortable, and they all have plenty of shade under the Bimini Tops! Our pontoon boats come equipped with a removable table and a Bluetooth capable radio.

Pontoon Boat Rentals Cruising Speed

The best aspect of this engine pairing is the midrange performance. Our Harris and Avalon pontoon boat rentals reach up to 25 mph, but we suggest a cruising speed of 15 mph. At this speed, engine noises are low and will allow you and your guests to have a normal conversation while enjoying the Bluetooth enabled sound system.

Recommended Items to Bring:

  • Waterproof camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Picnic Items (NO grilling Please)
  • Water toys (Ex. Snorkel & Mask, Football, Frisbee, Raft, Fish Net)
  • Towels
  • Sunglasses
  • Ice chest
  • Bluetooth speaker- all of our boats are equipped with Bluetooth capable speakers, however, they never leave the saltwater, therefor we cannot guarantee that they will work.
  • A willingness to accept that “As you walk on the white sands, sand will get between your toes and you will return to Destin, FL often”


We require all pontoon boat rentals stay within a 13 mile radius and may NOT enter the Gulf of Mexico. If these restrictions are broken, renters will be issued a $500 penalty. Please understand that these restrictions are for your safety and the safety of all rented equipment.

Click here to electronically sign the Destin Harbor waiver.


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