yellow kayak on the water
June 16, 2023 shahi location
If your favorite part of a house is the kitchen, you’re going to love this area within the sunshine state! It’s called the panhandle and received its name from its panhandle-like shape. Not only is that a unique fact about…
a large fish under water
May 5, 2023 shahi location
The sea is full of fishies and the beach…full of little critters. The shore is perfect for bird watchers and ocean lovers alike, but what can put a damper on someone's mood? Bugs, well, depending on the kind. Fort Walton…
grilled shrimp on a skewer on a plate
April 3, 2023 shahi location
Savory Shores & Food Tours The beach isn't all about parasailing, jet skiing, and sand castles, it’s about nourishing yourself too. Feed your mind, tummy, and soul. We all know that a girl’s gotta eat (boys too). Fort Walton Beach…
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