fort walton beach
April 22, 2024 shahi location
Although named Fort Walton Beach, there is so much more than the beach in this eclectic Floridian city. We compiled a list of activities that you can do at Fort Walton Beach that include a little bit of everything. So…
a family entering the water on the beach
April 22, 2024 shahi location
The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. As the seasons change and you get ready for summer, check out our great guide to help you figure out your summer plans! Come visit Fort Walton Beach in…
silhouetted woman walking down a sandy beach
March 25, 2024 shahi location
Fort Walton Beach is for the birds, and we mean that in the surf scooters, ospreys kind of way. It’s not exclusive to our feathered friends, though, and if you've picked your vacation in Fort Walton, you're destined to have…
happy couple smiling
March 20, 2024 shahi location
Valentine's may be over, but let’s be honest, every month is a good time of the year for romance. The area of Fort Walton Beach is amazing for its attractions, resorts, and parks. It's also known for its lucky fishing,…
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