A Fort Walton Beach Love Affair: Couples Guide

A Fort Walton Beach Love Affair: Couples Guide

Valentine’s may be over, but let’s be honest, every month is a good time of the year for romance. The area of Fort Walton Beach is amazing for its attractions, resorts, and parks. It’s also known for its lucky fishing, and if it’s fishing for the romance that you’re after, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to put more energy towards your relationship than the planning, we’ve got just the list for you. Just follow our guide below and let Amour lead the way.

Things To Do For Couples in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Sunshine Thai Spa

Can we be real with you? This world is fast and can come with a few bumpy roads. Vacation is for relaxation, a time to leave the chaos behind. What better way to zen yourself out than at the Sunshine Thai Spa? Get pampered with your significant other and enjoy an authentic Thai massage. This relaxing paradise is in thanks to its owner, Amy Garland who not only uses her practice to help relax others on their vacations, but she’s also a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. Her goal is to help people get out of their pain. Enjoy one of the many services offered, like their specialty, the Deep-Thai Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Authentic Thai Massage, their Body Scrub & Massage, and many more. Spend an hour or a few and end up feeling brand new.

Destin 30A Beach Photography with Simply Charming Photos

What if you could take this magical vacation and encapsulate it in a moment? A moment to last a lifetime? Who wouldn’t? A picture says a thousand words, which is why we’ve brought you to Simply Charming Photos, where you and your significant other can feel like the models for a Calvin Klein catalog for a day. Get a professional set up at the beachside with a photographer who knows all the right angles. Use the photos for an anniversary, seasonal card, or just to make your friends jealous. Be Giselle for a day and model your way to stardom, or just get an amazing photo.

Suds n’ Cinema 

This treasured spot was created way back in 1940 by John Tringas. As you could have probably guessed, Suds n Cinema is a movie theater, but it’s not like the others. This theater was truly one of a kind back in the day, being the only theater in the area, and to this day, it holds a uniqueness that keeps people coming back. Cozy up to your main squeeze with dinner and a show. Their menu is a full-on entree menu to satisfy your cinema appetite, and it comes with an adult beverage if you’re so inclined. We know all of this sounds amazing, but there’s more: support local businesses by coming here. Suds n Cinema is the only locally owned and operated cinema on the Emerald Coast. Enjoy a unique experience that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime.

Get Smashed

Have something you were planning on taking out on your partner on this trip? Don’t just break someone else’s things. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, this place has levels of breaking fun like “Buzzed”, “Tanked”, or even if you’re feeling real Limp Bizkit-like as an ode to his “break stuff”, there’s “The Blackout Level”. How does it work? They provide you with what they refer to as a weapon of your choosing, and they give you stuff to “smash”. Let’s say you have a fear of sharp objects, weapons, etc.. Not a problem; let’s get out your rage Vincent van Gogh style, and no, we won’t have you cut off your ear, but you will be handed a paintbrush, a canvas, and even the option of a shirt to purchase if you’re concerned about getting your outfit painted. As for the ultimate date experience, there’s an option for a “Date Night Smash,” where you get champagne and even have the opportunity to break your champagne flutes at the end! Save your tension for Get Smashed and enjoy your vacation.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Nothing says teamwork makes the dream work like dancing together. When it comes to relationships, it’s the ultimate team, and dancing will only make that bond stronger. That brings us to Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  So, who is Fred Astaire? A legend in the dancing realm so famous that the utterance of his name brings a two-step to your feet. The man, the legend himself, Fred, started the company in 1947. What kinds of dances can be learned here? Ballroom, salsa, mambo, hustle, cha-cha, samba, and the list is close to never-ending. If there’s a style you want to learn, they most likely have it. Come to have a little fun and argue over who has the better rhythm.

Jet Skiing and Parasailing

Last but most importantly, we want this next spot to make you feel how you do when you’re with your partner…floating on air or water, in this case. Rent jet skis in Fort Walton Beach, the perfect place to have a little fun; race your partner around the gulf or saddle up behind them on a romantic ride across the ocean. When you’re done and feel like using a little less energy, go from sea to sky and fly high in the clouds overlooking the gulf with your best friend and confidant on a parasail in Fort Walton Beach. Nothing beats the experience of these two magical moments. Enjoy your time with your partner, whether it is parasailing or on a jet ski rental in Fort Walton Beach. 

Fort Walton Beach offers the most intimate and romantic activities for couples to enjoy together. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply quality time with your significant other, this charming coastal destination has something for every couple. Life is short; don’t waste time waiting. Plan your romantic getaway to Fort Walton Beach today and create unforgettable moments with the one you love.


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