When In Spring, The Fun Is in Full Swing

When In Spring, The Fun Is in Full Swing

The flowers are in full bloom, and although long ago the phrase “spring cleaning” was the talk of the town, it’s 2024, and this time around we’re here for a good time. New flowers, new beginnings, and moments made to be remembered for a lifetime. We know what you’re thinking; that’s a high expectation for Fort Walton Beach, it is, and we’re here to keep it that way with just the activities you need to make your spring in Fort Walton Beach one you’ll never forget.

Things to Do in Spring in Fort Walton Beach

Ceramic Affirmation Tray with Your 2024 Word of the Year

Spring brings out the artist in you, and that’s why we’ve brought you to a place of creative expression. Ceramic Affirmation Tray with Your 2024 Word Of The Year is an event for those of you who have always wanted to try your hand at ceramics. Prepare yourself for a serene two-hour experience where you will turn a slab of clay into a beautiful ceramic tray with a word of your choosing that will be used to inspire you this year. They recommend bringing decorative items to add like twigs, leaves, and more. In the end, you will choose between five different colors and have a magnificent piece of art to show off to those who missed out. This is one of those experiences where you can take a piece of the trip back home with you.

International Food Truck Festival

There are a few things that make visiting Fort Walton Beach extra special like visiting in the spring when the weather’s not too hot and… food. The International Food Truck Festival is all about grub and not just any kind of food but the tasty kind. Held at the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, this food truck festival is going on year four and it’s better than ever. What can you expect at this one-of-a-kind festival? They’ve got vendors, they’ve got a bounce house, they’ve got music, and of course, tasty food. Best of all, if you have kids 12 and under, they get in free. Come enjoy the flavors from all over right here in Fort Walton Beach.

The 2024 Emerald Coast Songwriter’s Spring Festival

For this next event, picture American Idol but if the contestants wrote their songs. That’s basically what the 2024 Emerald Coast Songwriter’s Spring Festival brings you. Held at the MKAF Dugas Pavilion and Village Green, you have the exciting opportunity to see artists emerge before they become famous. During the show, you’ll hear unique melodies and get to know the artists performing. The venue sweetens the deal with its picturesque scenery where you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. This is an experience that only happens once a year and shouldn’t be missed.

Burning Up the Beaches 2024 (Car & Motorcycle Show)

Get ready to feel the burn, don’t worry there will be no working out on this journey. This stop is all about sleek machinery; the Burning Up the Beaches 2024 show is a weekend full of classic cars to feast your eyes on. The weekend will have cruising, parties, and beautiful white sand. This event isn’t just a good time; it also does good deeds. Burning up beaches is affiliated with The Arc of the Emerald Coast (EC), which empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So come to check out all the cool vehicles you grew up gawking over and be a part of something that helps make the world a better place. When it comes to spring activities, you can’t beat that.

Downtown Fort Walton Beach Block Party

If you want to get to know the town of Fort Walton, there’s nothing like a community gathering to see what the locals are all about. The Downtown Fort Walton Beach Block Party will give you a taste of the community that will be so good you won’t want to leave. What is a block party aside from the obvious? Held on the lot behind Coasters and Music Hall, you will find music, art, food, and drinks that you can drink on the street (in the surrounding area). Just picture a farmers’ market with a little bit more soul, and that’s the essence of a block party. If you’re still unsure what you will find at one of these events, head on over and see for yourself; you won’t regret it.


Saving the best for last, not to state the obvious here, but you can’t vacation to Florida without trying a watersport. We don’t want you trying any watersport either; our tour activities are made for an experience. Don’t waste time paying for jet skis with strangers; rent your private excursions and have only good vibes with your crew at your side. If you like animals, make sure to rent jet skis as well for the dolphin tours in Fort Walton Beach. Enjoy the comfortable seating when booking a tour visiting Crab Island and, of course, the amazing views. There are so many watersports fit for any friends and family. Make this vacation to Fort Walton Beach extra special by trying out watersports made for memories.



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