A Lover’s Coral: V-Day on Fort Walton

A Lover’s Coral: V-Day on Fort Walton

Cupid’s bow is among us once again, and this time they want us to spread the love in Fort Walton Beach. Historically, Fort Walton is known for its romance; just think of the water, the sand, and the sunset. But this month, there’s no better time to enjoy Fort Walton’s beach of amorous treasures. So go out there, pick a partner (if you haven’t already), and prepare for the most romantic Valentine’s Day you’ve ever seen.

Things To Do This Valentine’s Day in Fort Walton Beach

Be My Valentine at the Sound Cafe Enlightened Studios

This first event goes out to all the Hans Solos out there ready to meet the love of their life, or maybe just a nice human. The Be My Valentine event will be held at the unique Sound Cafe Enlightened Studios. This evening is a night for speed dating. If you’re not interested in your first Valentine, no problem, there’s more coming. The event will be hosted by The Art Trap House Founder and Creative Director, Aja Cobbs. Together they do traveling music and art festivals/productions and are creating this special night for romance. The evening will have bottomless mimosas, food at the cafe, and potentially your life partner. What more could a special someone flying solo want on a night out during Valentine’s Day?

Dinner to Die for Valentine’s Night Show at AJ’s on the Bayou

This next Valentine’s Day event is hoping you’re into Top Chef, although, unlike Top Chef, this is NOT a competition. So what exactly are they doing here at Dinner to Die For Valentine’s Night Show at AJ’s on the Bayou? Well, it is a show after all, and it comes with a pretty heavy plot – that being two top restaurant owners are pitted against each other for a chance at a big prize! The show gets a little hairy when a blogger turned food critic finds herself as the object of one chef’s affection. This interactive show comes with all kinds of twists and turns that will leave you laughing in intrigue. Enjoy 90 minutes of one of the most unique events in town with your special someone tasting some of the most desirable dishes in Fort Walton. It’s a night you’ll never forget.

My Furry Valentine

Are you missing your little fur baby on this adventure into Fort Walton? Let’s face it, partner or not, animals ARE our first love, which brings us to our next little adventure. My Furry Valentine, although most people don’t come back from vacation with a new pet, you never know if your twin flame is out there in a cold kennel somewhere waiting for someone like you to bring them back to your dream home. For all sincerity purposes, even just going to look at the cute pups is totally worth it. My Furry Valentine is a dog adoption event held at Pet Supermarket where, after you get your fix of mimosas, you can head on over and let their adorable and parentless pups surround you with kisses. Honestly, there’s nothing more magical we can think to do on a day made for cuddles and love.

Valentine’s Day At Ivy and Ale

There’s one restaurant in Fort Walton that brings both a masculine and feminine energy that invites a seductive Valentine ‘s-esque air. It starts with the name Ivy and Ale, and the ambiance has passion designed into the Boutique Plant Nursery and Beer Garden. What can you expect on Valentine’s Day at Ivy and Ale? The evening will involve delicious food, wine, and vibrant music. If you’re the kind of person who spends hours in frustration searching through the menu unable to make a decision, this simplistic three-course Valentine’s Day menu is for you. Enjoy an evening perfect for Instagram photos and flaunting off your best attire.

Fort Walton Beach Scavenger Hunt For Couples – Show Love

Next up, we have a creatively curated event that will leave you and your partner’s bond stronger than ever. The Fort Walton Beach Scavenger Hunt For Couples is a way to bring that childlike enthusiasm back. During the scavenger hunt, you will enjoy the Interactive date night with love-building challenges. This adult-style scavenger hunt will lead you to romantic restaurants and hangout spots. If you choose to get into the digital realm of the hunt, the Digital Date Nite Box: Time gives you a unique way to explore your love languages. This magical adventure will have date-themed challenges and bring the perfect opportunity for snapping that special V-day photo.

Parasailing in Fort Walton Beach

Last but certainly not least, this last trip will leave you with butterflies. Not only will you get to spend the day high in the sky with that rush of a feeling of excitement when in the sky, but you’ll be doing it in tandem with your partner! Talk about the ultimate feeling of flutters. Enjoy the view, nice breeze, and animals below all while holding hands with your special someone; it’s a moment you can’t beat. It will be unlike any other date you and your partner have ever had in the best way possible.


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