Watersports, Beaches, and Everything in Between

Watersports, Beaches, and Everything in Between

Fort Walton Beach is for the birds, and we mean that in the surf scooters, ospreys kind of way. It’s not exclusive to our feathered friends, though, and if you’ve picked your vacation in Fort Walton, you’re destined to have a good time. We already know you’re not interested in the regular tourist traps. You have a style and edge that screams adventure, and when it comes to that, we know so much about it that we practically wrote the book on it. Need a guide? We’ve got you covered with not only a list of the most fun water sports but also, like a fine wine and cheese pairing, a beach to accompany you after your adrenaline wears down.

The Best Watersports & Beaches In Fort Walton Beach


Nothing says “take me to great heights,” like being in the sky. So, there you have it. We’re taking you there! Just imagine taking a nice short boat ride into the ocean with the wind brushing your sun-kissed face. This part alone is enough to make anyone light up with vacation-fueled joy, but no, the fun doesn’t stop there. Before parasailing in Fort Walton Beach, we park the boat in a gorgeous area where we know the sights will be remembered. Then, we talk about safety because fun is fun, but nothing beats being safe. After all the niceties, we strap you in, and off you go, in Fort Walton Beach, parasailing, like a baby bird fresh out of the nest. Before you know it, you’ll be watching the emerald waves with an aerial view and pointing at dolphins from up above. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s safe, it’s parasailing, and you won’t regret it.

Wayside Park, Okaloosa Island

Now for the beach to relax on after you’ve gotten that heart rate into a flutter that will make you feel like you’re in love. This beach is perfect for those wanting some “away from people time.” Why is that? It’s wide and long and known for being less crowded than other beaches on Okaloosa Island. The Wayside Park, also known to locals as the boardwalk, doesn’t just allow for beach access; no, it’s so much more. Here you can explore many restaurants, ice cream shops, and then some. If you’re interested in a little more activity, consider using one of the beachside volleyball nets. Grab a towel or two and lounge around or enjoy the restaurants nearby. This spot is a must-see.

Jet Ski

You know what they say: all things that come up must come down, and when you do, we’ve got just the activity. It’s time to go for an adventure below, but not too far below, just right atop the water. We present to you jet ski rentals in Fort Walton Beach, known for being incredibly stable and easy to drive. These little old things will have you feeling like you’re a NASCAR driver on the water in no time. After we explain those safety guidelines, you’re free to be anyone you want in that ocean. Slowpoke who? If you’re feeling more into a chill cruise, you can do that too. Face off with a dolphin friend or wave to all the passersby, who are probably jealous of your jet ski. Head out and enjoy the ride of your life.

Jon Beasley Beach

Next up on our beach venture, we’re bringing you to the stop that boasts white sand and green waters. At Jon Beasley Beach, it’s a beach chair and sunglasses kind of day. Nothing but the ocean ahead. What makes Jon Beasley so unique? Let’s talk about the two pavilions perfect for when you need a little break from the sand all over you. Not to mention restrooms—hey, we all have to go sometimes, and there’s nothing like having a place to go to. At this beach, there’s even boardwalk access and 200 parking spots. This beach is fairly popular, so it’s the right place for a day of making friends or the joy of being around other beachgoers.

Island Runner Cruise

If you never did track and field as a teen, don’t fret because physical running will not be involved here. This is just a relaxing boat ride. When it comes to our runners, we know what we’re doing. Hop aboard our crab runner for exploration, if you will, to the most popular sandbar in all of the emerald waters, Crab Island. Fit up to 27 of your closest friends and head on out onto our fully insured and inspected boat. Not only are all those things amazing but with the boat comes one of our Coast Guard-licensed Captains and CPR-certified mates. This boat comes with shade, comfortable seating, and even a bathroom. You and your crew won’t want to miss out on the thrill of this ship at sea. As they say, send it!

Garnier Beach

We bring you Garniers Beach, the last beach on our list. This beach truly has it all: picnic tables, a boat launch, a playground, restrooms, and a beautiful strip of sand. Go there to do some shell picking, enjoy lunch on a bench, or watch the waves go by. This beach is the perfect park-beach hybrid, and it’s calling your name.

Fort Walton Beach brings the heat when it comes to watersports and beaches. Come and live out the life you always knew you deserved. 


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