Fort Walton Beach for Families

Fort Walton Beach for Families

Summer means it is time for people to go on family vacations. Many family vacations happen at beach locations as it is one of the easier and more enjoyable places to go with a group. One place that families shouldn’t sleep on is Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Figuring out activities and places to go with a family can be hard since everyone has different tastes when it comes to activities but our list will help you and your family out on figuring out what to do while in Fort Walton Beach. Keep reading to learn more about the best things you can do with your family in Fort Walton Beach.


Finding things for families to do together can be hard but what’s better than some family bonding in the sky? Parasailing in Fort Walton Beach is a fun way to get the whole family involved in seeing Fort Walton Beach from a whole new perspective, literally. As long as everyone in the family is 6 years old and older, then you are good to go. Fort Walton parasailing is a very thrilling adventure to do and the reason that this is fun to do with the family is because you can go up in the air in pairs, so pick your family bestie and get to the sky. The meaning of parasailing is basically going above in the sky, you will not be going as high as an airplane, but you will feel pretty high up in the air. The highest you will be going to is 400 feet in the air. One of the best parts about going parasailing with your family is having the pictures taken and something that you can do is purchase a photo package where you will be able to get every photo that is taken of you and your group. This way you will not have to worry about missing anything. This can also help you be in the moment, and so that you can leave your phone on the boat. Keep an eye out when you are in the air and take in the scenery around you. Sometimes it is also possible to see dolphins swimming in the water. When you are that high above, there is so much opportunity for marine life sightings.

Jet Skis

Jet skis call for a thrilling time with your family. Jet ski rentals in Fort Walton Beach are a great way to try something new with your favorite family member. The best part is they are very easy to operate, so no fear if you have never driven one before. Before heading over and renting a jet ski, make sure to understand all the safety precautions. Another thing is to make sure you have understood all the guidelines before arriving the day of your rental period.

Crab Island Runner Cruise

A place that any family should visit is Crab Island. Crab Island is a very popular place that locals and tourists will visit during the warmer months. There are many different ways to get to Crab Island, one of them being the Crab Island Runner Cruise. The reason that the Crab Island Runner  is so good for a family is because it can fit many people aboard. Your family will have a licensed captain, so fear not, no one will have to drive this trip. When you are on the Crab Island Runner, you will also learn more about the history of Crab Island. This is a great way for families to get involved as they will be learning, but in a fun way. When boarding the Crab Island Runner, make sure you bring everything you need because once the cruise leaves the dock, the next time you will be going back is when your rental is done. During the journey there is also a potential chance of seeing any dolphins and other marine life. Now you and your family go rent a Crab Island Runner Cruise for the day and enjoy the sandbar!

The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island

Gathering on boardwalks while on vacation is a great family pastime, one as old as time.. Luckily, here in Fort Walton Beach, there is a boardwalk nearby, The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island. The boardwalk has many things to do for a family, any day of the week. First on Wednesday nights, they have what is called “Waterfront Fireworks”. Basically, what happens during these nights is a fireworks show. You can watch these fireworks either on the boardwalk, or you can grab a blanket and watch it on the beach. On the boardwalk, there are also different restaurants that you and the family can try out. For family members who like shopping, they certainly have shopping.. There are not many shops, but they are mostly local businesses. Lastly, there are events that happen on the boardwalk. This is something to keep on the lookout for whenever you are visiting the area. Either way, visiting The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island is a great place to visit for families.

Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

Something fun to do is go to an arcade and a great place for families to go is Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone. There are so many things to do for all ages, so it’s guaranteed that everyone will have fun. Some activities to do at Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone include mini golf, bumper cars, laser tag, and much more. This is a great place to go if you and your family want to get away from the beach. Make sure your family checks Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone next time you are here for a family vacation.

Families at Fort Walton Beach

In Fort Walton Beach, Florida especially for families, there is so much to do. You can go to the beach and try out some new watersports. You can also check out the boardwalk and Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone to challenge your family to some fun. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll certainly be fun for the whole family.


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