Passages Through the Florida Panhandle

Passages Through the Florida Panhandle

If your favorite part of a house is the kitchen, you’re going to love this area within the sunshine state! It’s called the panhandle and received its name from its panhandle-like shape. Not only is that a unique fact about this area but Florida’s capital is in this nook of the state in good old Tallahassee, home to the USF campus. These particular facts might not be enough to see you, and that’s ok because there’s so much more the panhandle has to offer. We have a list of the most unbelievable places you need to check out.

Places to See in the Florida Panhandle


Do you ever feel like you’re living in a tv show? And all the people around are just paid actors and actresses? No? Good, that would be a little “coco for coco puffs”, but maybe you’ve seen a movie with a similar premise? That’s right, we’re talking about The Truman Show. Seaside is the Florida Panhandle town where the movie was filmed and certainly looks like the set right off a movie with its pastel-colored houses and cottage-like homes. The area is categorized as a new urbanist design and there’s plenty to do in Seaside of course. Activities include riding bikes around the waterfront, going to one of their many restaurants, or hitting up their Point Washington State Forest. Head on to the town that was so pleasant it made Truman Burbank never want to leave.


This town is hoping you love oysters. Why? Apalachicola produces 10 percent of the US’s oyster supply and not only that, but Apalachicola is very crucial for Florida’s produce being that it’s 90 percent of Florida’s harvest. Last but certainly not least of the things that should be duly noted on this Florida Panhandle spot is that The Apalachicola River basin comes in second for the 25 Research Reserves within the National Reserve System. Needless to say, this town sure is influential in the panhandle but what is there to do when visiting? A lot! Go to The Dixie Theater and enjoy a historical building that’s been around since 1912, go shopping downtown at 79 Market Street, or get some decadent sweets at the Apalachicola Chocolate & Coffee Company. Discover the heart of an iconic historic city nestled in the heart of the Florida Panhandle.

Panama City

Panama City is familiar to many spring breakers but that being said most people don’t recognize it for being used in the industrial center during World War Two. It is also the wreck capital of the world, a true pirate’s life, or at least previously. Panama City doesn’t just have all these amazing attributes, it also has a history rich in the Civil and World War. As far as things to do, the list is infinite. Check out some sea creatures at the Gulf World Marine Park or head out to the Science and Discovery Center and see the Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center where you and the fam can play all day be it in a go-cart, Ferris wheel, or train ride this center has the fun you need. Go to this Florida Panhandle city where you can find the perfect rattan-to-tan ratio and kick it in the sand.

St George Island

This Florida Panhandle barrier island is just 28 miles long and one mile wide, making it one of the more pint-sized areas we recommend but not to worry with small size comes great adventure. St. George Island’s first people were the Muscogee who thrived between the 10th and 15th centuries. When the 20th century came around, the pine forest was used for turpentine production in naval stores. Today, the island is a popular vacation spot that mostly consists of sea oats and pine trees. Visitors are enamored by the loggerhead sea turtles and slash pine flatwoods. What should you do in a place so sensational? Visit St George Island Light House or the Raney House Museum or even check out the Bob Sikes Cut and its stunning views.

Destin-Fort Walton Beach

She’s a gem, an emerald water one at that. What else is Destin-Fort Walton Beach known for? It’s home to the luckiest fishing town. Unbeknownst to common knowledge, Destin-Fort Walton Beach used to be an island and the sand is so pearly white and soft because it’s ground quartz crystal from the Appalachian Mountains.  Speaking of gems, another fun fact about Destin-Fort Walton Beach is that treasure has been found here as recently as the late 60s so bring your metal detector and peruse the beach to see what’s in store for you. What is there to do in our favorite city in the Florida Panhandle? Try Gulfarium where the sea meets the aquarium, relax in the sun, or head in to see the adorable sea creatures when you get too hot. Hit up the Destin Commons on a never-ending shopping spree to do as they “say shop until you drop”. Take one of our pontoons or chartered cruises to Crab Island and make a day of it! Go to Big Kahuna’s Water Adventure Park and cool off while enjoying the rides. Go to the beach of gators or Gator Beach as they call it, and see an entire slew of gators for free. Nothing beats Destin, come on by, and see for yourself.

If it’s beaches and fun that you’re after, the Florida Panhandle has it, and there’s no time like the present so come on and enjoy the fun in the sun today!

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