Visit Fort Walton Beach in the Fall

Visit Fort Walton Beach in the Fall

In The Fall Time When the Fort Walton Beach Weather Is Fine

Imagine a land with white sandy beaches and frothy emerald waters, palm trees, and warmth. We’re talking about Fort Walton Beach, and in no other season than falltime. If you say fall vacation, we’ll say Fort Walton, because the two are like peanut butter and jelly. Wondering where to head off to on your fall vacation to Fort Walton Beach? Look no more!

Places To Go on Your Fort Walton Fall Vacation

Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

Known as the largest family entertainment center, Willy’s is huge, taking up 17,000 square feet, making it perfect for a Fort Walton Beach fall vacation. So now that we’ve mentioned its size, you’re probably wondering what there is to do with all that space. If you’re into arcade games, Willy’s has 65 of them to choose from. If you and the people you’re vacationing with like to keep up with the latest technology, you might be excited to hear about the VR experience where you get to be inside a whole fictional world. For this next experience, forget bumper cars and get into a bumper boat! Take the old splash and crash with Willy’s Bumper Wars Bumper Boats. Not interested in bumping someone around? Maybe try one of their THREE golf courses; Florida does love its golf. And if all of this doesn’t sound appealing, maybe look into their Treetop Challenge where you can practice balance, agility, and skill. All things go here at Willy’s, play one or play them all.

Camp Walton Schoolhouse

Nothing says fall vacation like a little culture to sprinkle onto the mix. Camp Walton Schoolhouse is a two-room building that is a replica of what early Camp Walton looked like between 1911 to the 1930s. The original school that was built in 1912 was made with pine and oak and only held around 15 students. The school was used until the brick Fort Walton school was built in 1936. The building was used as apartments at one point and then as rentals and was even almost burned down until the Junior Service League and the Okaloosa County School Board convinced the owners to give the building up to be a historic museum and preserved it in 1974. The Camp Walton Schoolhouse was opened as a museum in 1976. Today, the schoolhouse is located in the Indian Temple Mound Museum and is owned by the city of Fort Walton Beach. While here, you will view historical structures and get a feel for what once was. The schoolhouse is open six days a week and has education programs to learn a bit more.

Goofy Golf

Get a little goofy, no, we’re not talking about Mickey’s counterpart, but a mini-golf course made for fun and the theme of being a real goof. This fun chain has been around since 1958 and has held onto its retro gusto since. The Goofy Golf course has 18 holes, and what makes it more fun than your average game of putt-putt is the giant surreal-like statues. Go and play what most Floridians would call an iconic mini-golf game that takes you back in time.

It’s All About You Massage & Day Spa

We don’t know about you, but we believe all fall vacations should have a good bit of pampering, which brings us to It’s All About You, and no, we don’t just agree with that philosophy, that’s actually what the massage and day spa is called, and if the name isn’t already an indication of what to expect, we’ll just tell you, it’s your time to relax. At It’s All About You Massage and Day Spa, you can choose from an array of serene services, which includes waxing, lash & brow tinting, facials, and of course, massages. This spa also prides itself in using cruelty-free products, and the owner has been a massage therapist herself for over 20 years, so you can expect to be in good hands. Get there ready to relax.

Roasted Yoga

Moving on with the theme of a relaxing Fort Walton Beach fall vacation, what could be better for you than sunshine? A little bit of exercise. Now hear us out; we’re not trying to get you to do 50 reps of intense cardio, just a light pick-me-up to keep that blood flowing. At Roasted Yoga, you might wonder why the name? It might not come as a surprise that their yoga space also comes with a tasty coffee bar to keep two good vibes together. The Roasted Yoga studio has a few different genres of classes to choose from depending on what you’re feeling. The studio even holds events and does classes on the beach occasionally. Do something kind for your body and lean into being beach bae for your fall.

Fort Walton Beach Pontoon Boat

Last and most importantly, our list involves what once was an island, now a sandbar, and still a party. Crab Island is a sandbar of fun and exemplifies fall in the Gulf. Crab Island brings locals and tourists alike year-round to take an exciting boat journey across the emerald waters to stop in at the sandy bar where other boaters perch up to enjoy the community, sometimes music, and often boat vendors selling food. What do we bring to the table? A CPR and Coast Guard licensed captain who doubles as a tour guide, a boat with a shaded deck, and benches to sit on. No more worrying about where to use the bathroom while at sea; there’s one onboard! Our Chartered Pontoon Boats can fit six of your closest friends. There’s no time like the present to book your Fort Walton Beach Pontoon Boat.

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