Charter Fishing


Rates for Private Fishing Charters: $160 – $200/hr with a 4 hour MINIMUM.

*4-6 people may be allowed on the vessel with an additional fee.

Please note that we book for private fishing charters and each captain owns their own business and runs at their own rates that they give us to advertise to customers.

Love Fishing? We’ve got the fishing trip of a lifetime for you! Xtreme Fishing Charters offers deep sea, bay, and bottom fishing; basically, the BEST experiences the Gulf of Mexico has to offer! We really love what we do: FISHING! The only thing we find better than catching that next big fish, is putting YOU and your family, or friends on that next big fish. Our expert captains are eager to share the fun and passion that we have loved for years!

Bottom Fishing Charter Experience with Xtreme H2O Watersports Fishing Charters

Our expert captains will take you straight to the deep wrecks of the Florida Coast for some of the best bottom fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. These areas are teeming with many varieties of fish like red snapper, amber jack, gag grouper, scamp grouper, vermillion snapper, cobia, triggerfish and more!

Get ready! These areas are so plentiful that that you are likely to get a bite the moment your weight hits the bottom! It really is that fast!

Our captains will also set out a fly line with lively bait swimming free for those 50, 60 even 70 lb. cobia to start spooling that reel for one heck of a fight. The free line will catch cobia, king fish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and sometimes even sharks.

What To Expect On Your Florida Charter Bottom Fishing Experience

To start the day, we will head out with our fleet of Florida Charter fishing boats to catch live bait. This will be a 45-minute, action packed catching experience! Catching live bait is also a blast for the kids! It happens so fast and they just love it! We catch about 4-6 baits at a time using sibiki rigs. With all this action, we will catch about 75-100 live baits. Add that to the 50-75 cut baits we already have prepared for you and we’ll be well prepared for an awesome day of bottom fishing!

Our Captains will take you to premium private numbers offshore to catch as many fish as you like! You get bites from red snappers, amber jacks, groupers, and many others. Our private GPS coordinates have some of the best schooling fish you can drop down on. Our spots are so bountiful that you won’t have to wait long for a bite. Our job isn’t done until you can’t feel your arms anymore!

Trolling with Florida Charter Fishing

As we finish on one reef, we’ll use an assortment of spoons to troll to the next reef. We’ll keep the action going by running deep-running plugs, jigs, live baitfish, or fresh bait to entice all kinds of species of fish! We may even come across an undiscovered secret honey hole. If we find a good rip or weed line, we’ll put out a trolling spread to see what’s there. Some of the fish we catch while trolling include mackerel, cobia, wahoo, mahi, tuna, grouper, amberjack and more! Though there are stiff regulations and reduced limits for many species, our anglers can still load a boat and enjoy a great day on the water!

Florida Charter Fishing Gear & Equipment Provided

Our captains will be well prepared with assortment of rods and variety of baits for any opportunity that we may encounter. We use only the top-of-the-line gear with only top-of-the-line fluorocarbon leader material and Owner hooks. Unlike other charters, we won’t send you out with the usual run of the mill, big box store, close-out gear. You’ll be using the personal gear collection of our elite captains. We want you to have the maximum amount of fun when you book your charter fishing experience with Xtreme H2O Watersports!


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