Where To Eat in Fort Walton Beach

Where To Eat in Fort Walton Beach

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The beach isn’t all about parasailing, jet skiing, and sand castles, it’s about nourishing yourself too. Feed your mind, tummy, and soul. We all know that a girl’s gotta eat (boys too).

Fort Walton Beach is definitely known for beaches but what most people don’t know is that Fort Walton Beach’s food scene is top notch too.

Don’t worry we won’t send you on the typical tourist Fort Walton Beach food tour.

Unique & Delicious Places To Eat In Fort Walton Beach

Seafood In Fort Walton Beach

Stewby’s Seafood Shanty

Aside from the adorable name, this “shanty”, as they call it, has many unique attributes. For starters, it’s based on the old family Fort Walton Beach restaurant called Sam’s Oyster House.

True to its name, this take-out-friendly or dine-in restaurant in Fort Walton Beach is small, yet mighty. Not only does it have low-key chill beach vibes all day, but it also serves affordable seafood, which in a town made with a bustling tourist scene, we all know it can be hard to find reasonably priced seafood.

This FWB restaurant is most famous for its signature gumbo, staying true to its southern roots.

If all of this hasn’t yet caught your eye, all seafood is locally sourced.

Whether you’re ordering to go or sitting in the heated/cooled outdoor patio with a view, this is a must to try!

A Fort Walton Beach Eatery With A Fun Structure

Floyd’s Shrimp House

When you picture beach shacks on stilts with colorful giant beachy art, think about Floyd’s Shrimp House.

The environment is a fun place to enjoy your classic Blue Hawaiian while staring into the sunset.

This FWB spot is for those of you who are fed up with all the crab marketing, give shrimp their moment!

 This fish is not just the star of the name but also the menu, being served up in all kinds of ways!

As they state on their website, they may be all about their shrimp, but nothing they do is shrimpy, they prove this in their all-you-can-eat specials.

Hop on over and make sure to try their kickin’ shrimp!

BBQ In Fort Walton Beach

 Kinfolks BBQ

In a town full of fish, you know what you don’t get a lot of? BBQ! Let alone, BBQ that’s done well, and let us be the first to tell you, they do it ”great”.

They’re pretty humble about it too, noting their website says they don’t want to be “pigheaded” but they do serve up a hell of a good BBQ pig.

But, what’s with the name? Simple. They’re related.

What’s with the food? Simple, it’s delicious, and… their menu is big, so plenty to choose from.

In the mood to share? They even have a family pack! Just make sure to save room for dessert, they have a key lime pie that’s to die for.

Mexican Food In Fort Walton Beach

Rockin Tacos Grill and Tequila Bar

Another theme not commonly known around this beach town is a millennial favorite, tacos!

Rockin Tacos Grill and Tequila Bar gives you your classic tacos and don’t forget that sneaky tequila, but have you ever had street corn? Or maybe you have, doesn’t matter, their street corn is a must-try.

Did we mention that they’re famous? That’s right, they were featured on the Travel Channel for their 12-inch blackened shrimp burrito.

That didn’t sell yah? Let’s talk cone-shaped delicious things, we’re talking about their flautas that are a modern twist on the original, they’re perfect for holding and munching.

Not a taco person? Try one of their giant burgers with a Mexican twist.

Come check out the place that allows you to “get spicey”.

A Fort Walton Beach Gastro-Pub

 The Craft Bar

Let’s get fancy, but not too fancy… and keep it light. That’s exactly what this craft bar is all about.

The Craft Bar is focused on quality bites, it’s at this Fort Walton Beach food and drink spot that you’ll reminisce on the ball game days with a pretzel, or you indulge in some truffle fries.

All of those options are wonderful, however, it’s not their bread and butter. What is? Ok, so it doesn’t involve butter but it does involve buns, we’re talking burgers. Why? Because The Craft Bar uses meat from their local friends at Heureux. The cows at Heureux do not use any growth hormones, so expect only the best beef for flavor and the best beef for you.

Now to the “pub” part, this bar holds 30 craft beers. If you’re not in the mood for beer, not to worry, they have trained mixologists ready to make the drink of your dreams. Throw on something cute and grab a table.

German Food In Fort Walton Beach

 The Bavarian’s Wirtshaus

When you’re at the beach, I’m sure you don’t envision clogs or bratwurst, yet here we are.

This brings us to The Bavarian’s Wirtshaus, and in case you haven’t guessed already, it’s a German restaurant, the 3rd best in the nation. This place is highly rated for its authenticity and deliciousness of course.

The recipes at this FWB restaurant were handed down from the owners’ grandparents so you know it’s the “real deal”.

Their Chef Rainer is an examined German butcher that knows his meats and how to use them.

You can’t say German quinzaine without gravy. Okay, you can but German gravy is like no other and The Bavarian’s Wirthaus is truly the best.

To make matters even better, this spot also has music on occasion.

Go ahead and try your first German dish or relive a German memory through its traditional recipes.

Have A Fort Walton Beach Tiki

G.I. Jade Tiki Bar and Bistro

Maybe you’ve been to many beaches before and you know all about the plentiful places that replicate the inner workings of a tiki hut. Well, G.I. Jades Tiki Bar and Bistro is a tiki hut, we’re talking VIBES all around, and the view is killer.

As far as food is concerned, they have all the classics, if it’s salty and delicious, it’s on the menu.

What would a tiki hut be without its frozen drinks? They have those too and they’re all the colors, so feel free to pick one that matches your outfit.

This may be less relevant but must be noted, there’s a giant dinosaur outside too, so make sure to get a picture in before you leave.

This list has something for everyone, try one and you have to try them all.

Get to feasting!



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