What To Do in Fort Walton Beach at Night

What To Do in Fort Walton Beach at Night

Planning your summer vacation in Fort Walton Beach? You’ve probably already got your list of restaurants to check out and beaches to hit. And rest assured, there’s plenty going on in this seaside town, even after hours.

When you’re looking for something to do after the sun goes down, you’ll find plenty of options – both with and without libations. Whether you’re in the mood for a chill, outdoor setting or a party, you’ll find the perfect Fort Walton Beach bar to complete that perfect vacay.

Here are some fun things to do at night in Fort Walton Beach, along with the best Fort Walton bars to check out in between the beach and your Airbnb.

Why Visit Fort Walton Beach?

Maybe you’re undecided between Fort Walton and another beach town to round out your summer. There are so many reasons why tourists return to Fort Walton again and again, year-round.

Located in western Florida, Fort Walton Beach is one of the most convenient vacation destinations for people in Mobile, New Orleans, and the many small towns in between. And with white sand beaches, dolphins, and that notorious clear, blue water, Fort Walton has earned attention from visitors across the country. Top it all off with reasonably-priced hotels and Airbnbs, and you’ve got the perfect beach town for couples, families, and group excursions.

Plus, it’s not just about the beaches. Fort Walton is home to a vibrant nightlife and bar scene, so you’ll be entertained from sunrise to last call. Read on to discover the best Fort Walton bars that combine laid back vibes with refreshing drinks.

Best Bars in Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach has something for everyone. All you have to decide is whether you’re in the mood for a smooth martini, an IPA, or a glass of Pinot noir. Allow us to help you narrow down the list.

For Craft Beers: The Salty Duck

This one is perfect for sports fans and beer aficionados. Try one of the many draft beers on the menu, and catch almost any sporting event on a slew of big screens.

With its lively atmosphere and inviting ambiance, the Salty Duck is perfect for groups traveling together. Play a game of giant Jenga, sit outside and watch the vacationers stroll by, or challenge your friends at Connect Four. This bar offers a variety of entertainment whether you choose to imbibe or not.

For Vino: Taste Tapas & Wine Bar

Pair the perfect wine with a sampling of small plates at this cozy wine bar.

This hidden gem offers much more than wine. In addition to red or white, you can also try a fancy cocktail or munch on one of the gourmet plates. It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and scroll through all those beach pics you took.

For The Full Dive Experience: Coaster’s

Here’s one for the dive bar crowd. If you’re still up after 2, head over to this joint, where you can grab a beer up until 4:00am.

Coaster’s offers up live music and pool tables in addition to a friendly crowd. You’ll find travelers and locals alike, since this is a Fort Walton stand-by. If you’re less fancy-umbrella-drink and more Jameson-on-ice, then you’ll feel right at home here.

For The Perfect Cocktail: The Bevador Room

Sometimes you need the perfect bloody mary to top off a day of sun and sand. Visit The Bevador Room for an Instagram-worthy cocktail.

This classic cocktail bar offers both outdoor seating and an intimate indoor setting, so it’s the perfect stop if you’re traveling with your beau. And if you time it right, you may even catch some live music to go with your Old Fashioned.

More Nightlife in Fort Walton Beach

When you need a break from bar hopping, try one of these beachy night-time outings.

Fireworks cruise

No beach trip is complete without a fun boat excursion. And in the south, evening and night-time cruises are often the best choice – you’ll get to take in the views and get out on the water without worrying about packing extra sunscreen.

Whether you’re traveling with a special someone or the whole fam, a Fort Walton Beach fireworks cruise is a memorable way to break up the vacation. Enjoy beachy music, look for sea life, and take in the fireworks over the shoreline – it’ll be your peak summertime experience.

Walk the Beach

Even if you’re nursing a sunburn, you can still hit the beach. Many beaches in Fort Walton are open at night, so you’re free to roam around. And the beach is even more romantic when the stars are out.

If you find yourself with a free evening in Fort Walton, then make time for a walk in the sand. You can enjoy the cool evening air and the sound of those ocean waves before heading back to the hotel.

Try Ax Throwing

Because why not? The Ratchet Hatchet (yes, you read that right) is open until 10pm if you’re up for a unique way to spend a Friday night.

This is a fun evening activity for families and small groups. It’s unique, and makes for a great story when you get home.

Book your stay in Fort Walton Beach

Whether you’re looking for resort vibes or dog-friendly accommodations, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay at Fort Walton Beach. Research hotels and airbnb’s to find the right spot to lay your head at night.

And before you turn in for the night, plan out where you’re going to let loose – you’ll want to take advantage of that beachy Fort Walton scene. If you’re planning a long weekend at the beach, you’ll find plenty of activities and quirky bars to keep you occupied after you get your fill of the beach.

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