Things To Do in Okaloosa Island

Things To Do in Okaloosa Island

If you love beaches and dream of being on an island, we have just the place for you – Okaloosa Island. This unique area is located on Santa Rosa Island and spans 875 acres. Okaloosa Island was created in the 1950s, though not in the most business-savvy way. What does that mean? Well, the town’s creation involved an informal ceremony at the county courthouse in Crestview. The area was originally known as Tower Beach and had a few main landmarks – a boardwalk, a restaurant, concession stands, and a hotel. Unfortunately, in 1942, a fire took down most of the properties. Today, the island attracts millions each year due to its beauty. When it comes to an island vacation, you want your activities to reflect that. With numerous options found through a simple web search, it can be challenging to navigate which places are worth your time. We have the perfect vacation escape list for you.

Best Places to Go Near Okaloosa Island

Crab Island Runner

Let’s embark on some island inception – an island within an island. Technically, Crab Island is outside of the Okaloosa area and, by definition, isn’t an island, but it is a place you don’t want to miss out on! This chartered trip to Crab Island exudes vacation vibes and prioritizes safety. Your ride comes equipped with US Coast Guard certification, and the boat is thoroughly inspected, insured, and holds a CPR-certified captain. If you’re a social butterfly worried about inviting too many people, don’t be – this boat fits 27 people. Considering it can get hot on a boat all day, you have the option of swimming in the beautiful water or hanging out under the shade of the walk-around deck. If you prefer not to use a body of water as a communal restroom, fret no more – there’s a bathroom on board. If all you want to do is sit back, relax, and sightsee, you can do that in our comfortable seating. Come enjoy the biggest party on the ocean.

Jet Ski Rental / Wave Runner Rental in Fort Walton Beach

Have you ever watched James Bond as a kid and thought, “Man, what a guy! I would love to do at least one of the cool things he does.” Well, you can when you ride one of our jet skis or wave runners! James Bond rode a “wet bike,” but wave runners and jet skis are very similar and just as amazing to ride. Much like Bond, you might have a lovely lady ( or gentleman) or two by your side, which means our jet skis and wave runners can fit up to three people or 400 pounds – perfect for you and your friends.

Parasailing in Fort Walton Beach

Being in and around the water is nice, but have you tried flying? If not, that’s okay – most people haven’t. Come aboard The SkyScraper, a Coast Guard Approved CWS Ocean Pro parasail vessel. Soar over the calm waters of the gulf and catch a glimpse of nearby birds or dolphins below. It’s by far one of the easiest and most relaxing activities if you’re looking for a bit of adrenaline. All you have to do is let us strap you in, and we’ll take it from there. Before you know it, you’ll be high in the sky having a blast, like a less scary rollercoaster. Parasail with a friend, or two – either way, you’ll have a heck of a time.

Pontoon Boat Rentals in Fort Walton Beach

We’ve given you gizmos and gadgets aplenty, but somehow we’ve got more! Our pontoon boat is perfect for a small group of six. Pontoon boats are ideal for calmer, slower rides. Bring your closest friends and celebrate a bachelorette or just being together. Enjoy your private captain, comfortable seating, a 15’ lily pad, and a Bluetooth speaker for all your favorite jams. Have fun swimming in the gorgeous Destin waters or basking in the sun. The boat will take you around Destin Harbor, East Pass, Crab Island, and Choctawhatchee Bay. What’s more, all trips come with a dolphin tour so you can see all the little dudes in their habitat. Come and enjoy the place that will have you saying, “Darling it’s better Down where it’s wetter” just you see!

The Gulf on Okaloosa Island

With all this adventure, you’re going to get hungry. When it comes to food on Okaloosa Island, we’ve got just the place for you – The Gulf on Okaloosa Island is the flavorful end to your day that you’re looking for. Let’s start by giving you an idea of the restaurant’s aesthetic – think shipping containers, and reclaimed, recycled, and salvaged building materials. Now combine this rustic nautical theme with a vast outdoor seating and bar area that has a combination of grass and beach. The seating is modern, bringing elegance to raw elements. When it comes to food, there’s no letdown here. On the menu, you will find things like lobster shrimp rolls, a snapper BLT, and mahi tacos. Relish in the kind of meal your taste buds won’t be mad about.

There you have it folks come and enjoy your day of fun in the sun with the best Okaloosa has to offer.

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